John Noestheden - Technobabble
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My life has totally changed because of the Hubble spacecraft. I mean talk about mega techno-jargon. I mean the Hubble spacecraft is the one instrument that has shown us more about the universe, in other words who we are, than any other instrument in the history of humanity. And these big diamond drawings I’m doing are all related to the Hubble field telescope photographs. I’m playing with light, and I’m capturing light in tiny silver crystals that are made by Swarovski. So I’m using these crystals and distributing them then on drawing paper and then I glue them down where they land. So it’s not random behaviour, it’s all very planned. I play with control dynamics so I have serious ultimate control or I have no control. But even using the vibrating table I can control the frequency and the duration of the extension of that frequency and all of that affects what happens with the diamonds on the surface of the paper. If I put a pile of diamonds in the middle and start the vibrating they will eventually dissipate and everything, all the diamonds, will eventually move out to the outside. So it’s a replication of the big bang which is another kind of vibration. So what I’m ending up with is a map of the stars, but I tell exquisite lies about the universe because I’m inventing these star maps. So it’s changed my life to have this technology available to me. Just like that, by turning on my computer I can look at outer space. I can see the surface of Mars. I can look at the farthest star, the farthest bit of life that’s ever been photographed. It’s so far away it took the photograph of the same spot for every day for a year to get a tiny faint red glow of the farthest image we’ve ever discovered. That is phenomenal - that’s technobabble at its finest, when the instruments that we’ve created can actually give us that. And it’s changing the way we look at life and at ourselves as well.

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