John Noestheden - His Background and Training
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I was born in Holland, in Amsterdam in 1945. And my family moved to Windsor, Ontario in 1951, when there was a big migration of immigrants from Holland and all over Europe actually, and they came to Canada. We had a chance to settle in Montreal or Toronto. My parents chose Windsor because by word of mouth somebody happened to mention that there was more employment there because of the auto industry. Then I went to school there, went to teachers’ college there, taught elementary school for four years and then got tired of that. I actually burned out and went back to university, did my art degree, and I continued and I went to Tulane University in New Orleans and did my Master of Fine Arts…so that would be 1950, no I’m sorry that would be 1975 when I moved back to Windsor. And at that point I considered myself a professional artist - I had been educated that way, and employment was difficult to find. So I actually ended up taking over my father’s furniture repair business and he had retired, so that’s how I supported my family and my art habit for a number of years. I eventually moved to Toronto. I had a high-end furniture business there and this accounts for my interest in making things as you notice some of the objects around the studio. They’re very considered and that’s my furniture making background.

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