John Noestheden - Bumpered Objects
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I made an aluminum cube and on a whim one day I thought, well I’m going to stick these bumpers on it and it was a joke. I was using it as a demonstration for one of my senior classes. So I made this object. And I was protecting the minimalist cube from post-modern attack by placing these wonderful rubber bumpers on top of it on all six sides. And it protected the cube, and it was quite an amazing bit of protection. So the rubber objects, the bumpers, which are used in industry on gurneys or restaurant food carts and things that get smashed around a lot, they had a perfect function for this purpose and this intent and the whole thing became magical looking. It was like something I had never seen before and it eventually developed into an entire exhibition. Every morning the gallery facilitators would come back into the Dunlop and they would put them back in their thirty-six-piece grid; they were six by six, and they were like a foot and a half apart in the gallery. So you had this beautiful field of objects you were looking at. And then the facilitators would tell the public well you can handle them, you can rearrange them, you can put them on that big table over there or you can think of inventive ways to stack them or play with them as you would a brick or those tinker toys or whatever, and people did that.

Duration: 1:49 min
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