Joe Fafard - On Critics, Commercial Success and not Compromising Your Art

You have to be able to sell your work to support an operation such as I have set up. Because you don’t make things to sell, and yet you make things to sell. I would just like to make that distinction, that you don’t change your work in order to make it sellable, but you do make the work in order so that you can sell it, so that you can continue your work because everyone has to live in reality. And the reality of things is that there isn’t a grant big enough in all of North America to keep me going for one year. At the rate that I spend money running a foundry, running this operation, there isn’t one… a Canada Council Grant is not much money - $30,000? That would keep my operation going for a month, so what can I do? I have to sell, but I don’t compromise my work to sell it because I know fundamentally that the way to sell work is not to compromise. If you compromise people won’t buy it, it’s a simple business thing.

Duration: 1:28 min
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