Joe Fafard - Farm Background and Observation

Well my background, Joe Fafard speaking here, is a farm boy. I grew up in Saskatchewan in an isolated hamlet of French, Métis, and French Canadians.

As a young child naturally I was discovering the world and the world was our farm, and it was the animals, and it was the people of the community, and it was the work and also the play. So I had an opportunity to develop my sense of observation with what was around me through my eyes. And I also loved drawing from a very early age which made me even more observant of what was going on around me. I also had the opportunity to observe characters interacting with each other in the community very much like Coronation Street, the way that people were into each others’ lives. I analyzed how things worked from a boy’s point of view - the community, and the family, and our relationship to the world at large, and our relationship to our animals, because our animals were a very big part of our livelihood. We had horses, we had cows, we had sheep, we had pigs, we had chickens, we had dogs and cats and all the different roles that they played and the role we played towards them. So I understood that we worked for the animals and they worked for us.

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