Joan Rankin - University Experience

Of course when I went to Saskatoon, I had a new teacher for the art class.  He was an American that they brought up to teach because before that there wasn’t anybody at Saskatoon teaching art.  And of course, he was anti-Kenderdine.  I mean, he just said that he had ruined me, Kenderdine had ruined me, because mainly what I had done was copy his paintings, his drawings.  That was his idea of teaching because he was English, he’d taken his training in England, I guess, in Europe, so it was a very narrow outlook and it didn’t have anything to do with the modern approach to art.  So it was a little difficult with him, however I managed getting the art credits.  He was a little annoyed at me because I spent so much time doing the photography, and he thought I should have spent more time doing the visual art.  But that’s the way things go when you’re young.  And it was much more exciting doing the photography anyway because I got to go out on assignments that were real assignments, to cover hockey games, or dances or all kinds of things.  And I really enjoyed that.

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