Joan Rankin - First Career

My husband was a pilot and he was killed in an airplane accident and I was expecting my daughter, my second child, so I had to have a job, I had to have a career.  And the superintendent of the school system in Moose Jaw contacted my father-in-law who lived in Moose Jaw to see if I would be interested in the job of being head of the art department for the school system.  So I came down to see him, and I said "Yes, I would be very very interested," but of course I would have to go back to teacher’s college for a year and get my teaching certificate.  And he said, "No, no, we can’t wait that long.  We need someone next fall, and I think you’d be just as good the way you are."  I don’t think I ever did convince a lot of teachers. A lot of them had preconceived ideas of how to teach an art program.  But then what I started doing right away was having art shows of the children’s work so that the community could see what children were doing in the schools, and the teachers could get an overview too of the better work that was being done.  And so I would go into the school and I would pick the pictures that were to be in the show.  And a lot of the teachers were horrified at the things I’d pick because I picked things that showed the child’s real expression coming out.  Not maybe a picture of something that should look like the adult concept of what the thing was, but the child’s concept of what the thing should look like.  And then what we did, we rented empty stores on Main Street, an empty store, and I put the show up in there.  And the public could then come in and see it, and then the classrooms of children could come down and see it too.

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