Joan Rankin - Education

My mother and dad had a big wicker desk in the living room.  And I used to sit up at that desk and I had crayons and pencils and I would draw by the hour.  And then when I got a little older and started reading, library books and things, there was a whole series of books about a pair of twins from different countries and I used to illustrate the stories.  I was in high school then and I joined the camera club in the high school and I learned how to process film there and I took pictures for the school yearbook.  My mother wanted me to go to university, and the principal of my high school didn’t feel I was university material, but she was determined I was going to university and that was that.  And I took my first credit class from Regina College when I was in Grade 12, from Gus Kenderdine.  And he was teaching there.  He was head of the Art Department for the University of Saskatchewan, but taught at Regina College.  And he came down from Saskatoon once a week to do that, or twice a week, I don’t remember now exactly.  So when I was in Grade 12, I took my first class from Kenderdine and it was a credit class, so I got credit for it towards my degree.

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