Jerry Didur - Why He Quit Painting

When I first started painting, I mean, it was quite exciting learning how to use paint, because I really didn’t have a lot of knowledge about it. I just liked things that were big and bright, so I made paintings that were big and bright. Basically I’m using two different things, I’m using either something really big, and in particular, paint rollers that you paint houses with, and I blend a lot of my colours in using paint rollers. And then I use foam pad brushes too for a lot of it. But then about 90 percent of the actual time I spent on a painting was spent with a little thing called a long-liner brush, which has, the brush part of it is probably the thickness of a pencil lead. And it’s lots of little strokes and lots of layers of colours on top of one another, and you go over it again, and again, and again. And, like I say, in the beginning it was really exciting and interesting, but towards…it didn’t take that many years before it started to get tedious, and the whole painting thing did not…really became a chore for me to sit there and go into the studio and paint because I knew what I was going to be doing, and I knew how time consuming it was, and you just sort of sit there…I used to have a TV on all the time while I painted to keep me entertained because it was so boring. I was actually already taking quite a bit of flack because a lot of artists, their shows will be basically around the same theme again and again and again. Like Joe with his cows, and David with his houses and that, and I was getting flack because I’d have a show of fish, and then my next show would be of Japanese gardens, and then my next show would be of the Rainbow Sentinels, and it would be like that. And I was getting flack from people because I wasn’t keeping up to the same theme over and over again. Well, that would have made painting even more boring than it already was. I mean, the actual process was…the fun part of painting was actually thinking up the ideas. Maybe I would have stuck with it if I could have just got somebody to paint them for me. And I could have just sat back and said “well I’ve got this really neat idea” done one of my five-minute drawings, and then gone out golfing for the rest of the day. Now that would be my idea of being an artist.

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