Jerry Didur - Trojan Sentinel

This is my Trojan Sentinel and what it is, is poplar wood, and done with mortis and tenon joints. And then joined together. So it’s all just little sticks of wood and then painted up and this thing is as solid as the rock of Gibralter - it won’t move around. But the thing that is really quite neat about this thing is that it actually sounds good too. And we are going to go for a ride (rolls Trojan Sentinal across the floor). Think of ancient Troy and you are sitting there and you are guarding the castle or the fort and then all of a sudden this is the noise you hear coming up to your castle. I had no idea that this was going to do this - I just thought I should put some back-up beepers on this thing. We can pop a wheelie. Being an artist sometimes means you just don’t have to grow up…sometimes it is just fun to play around. Here we go! Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’!

Duration: 1:37 min
Size: 6808kb

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