Jerry Didur - Influence of David Thauberger

The school I went to, the University of Saskatchewan, did not have the painters there...this was sort of the Saskatoon school of painting where there were either abstract painters or landscape painters, neither of which I liked very much. Whereas one intersession class a guy named David Thauberger from Regina came up to Saskatoon and taught an intersession class in pottery. I just sort of hung out around the studio, at that time…not really liking to work for my living - I liked to hang out around the studio more. I met him and he used to show slides of his paintings to his pottery students paintings from guys from California, like William Wyllie and Joseph Raphael or the Chicago Who group which would be Jim Nutt, Gladys Nillson and Roger Brown, Art Green, just a pile of these guys did kinds of paintings that I had never ever seen before and didn’t even know existed. And that was when I really started getting interested in painting when I saw what other people were doing other than what the people in Saskatoon were doing.

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