Jerry Didur - How He Got His Start as a Painter

I actually decided to go into art right out of high school. We didn’t have art classes at the high school I went to in Saskatoon, and they had a BFA program that they had an article about in the paper. I was going to go into art history because I liked history. Well I went down there, talked to the people and they said, how many languages do you speak? And I said “English.” And they said, well, we would like you to have at least two languages if not three that you can speak. And the guy said, how would you like to take some studio classes so I said “works for me” so I started taking art classes.

So I started off taking a couple art history classes, a couple studio classes and whatever else they had out there. I got into sculpture. I took classes from a guy named Bill Epp. Bill was a terrific teacher he was a wonderful person and did some nice work and I always liked Bill when I was there. In my second year of university, I started taking ceramics. I took a clay class, because I thought it was related to sculpture, that was from a guy named Jim Thornsbury. He was an American guy that came in from Washington, and he was actually involved in a movement called the Funk movement from the west coast, of funny ceramics. And this guy was totally turning our department on its head because his attitude towards art was totally different, which I really liked. So I began focusing on clay. The first time I took a painting class was in my last year…summer school intersession. I took a painting class from a guy named Stan Day who just let me do what I want. He didn’t ask me to do anything. He just says go ahead and paint away and do what you want, which is really nice. And then after that, after I finished school, I didn’t do any art for two maybe three years after that. I worked and just got away from the whole thing. In 1979 I moved to Regina, and when I moved to Regina I moved into an apartment and of course it didn’t have any place to do ceramics because you need a place you can get dirty…you need all these physical requirements which you don’t have in an apartment. So I went and I had some paints left over from that painting class, so I decided I would just try my hand at painting, and that’s when I started doing it.

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