Jerry Didur - Ghost Pyramids of the Prairies

Those Ghost Pyramids…I mean its been known for lots of years, a long time, that these symbols of the prairies are disappearing - the grain elevator. And I had been well, I guess in one of my travels in the countryside or something like that …I just remembered seeing a group of elevators together and as I was approaching them thinking that the way they were spaced and placed next to one another, because there would be out buildings and then you would have the things, and it almost looked like a pyramid. And I thought - and that was actually something that I just stored in my head. I had probably seen it years before and I had always kept it in the back of my mind and somehow…how can you use this? And then the opportunity came up to be able to do it. It’s mostly again about not only the fact that the elevators are disappearing, it’s going to disappear completely - there will always be a rural Saskatchewan. There will always be a rural Oklahoma, a rural France. But the fact is that it is changing and parts of it are disappearing. And what will inevitably happen is they are going to save one grain elevator - the old style grain elevator - and have it as a historic monument because they are all going to be those inland terminals which have the potential of being something in the future for somebody. But it was mostly about that and, I mean, I just like the idea of the pyramid and that sort of thing. You know how the pyramids have had such longevity, something that has been around for thousands of years but the knowledge that the grain elevator will probably not be around for thousands of years.

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