Jefferson Little - On Humour in Art

Humour, in my work is very important because laughing, being amused is so much easier than being sad and depressed, and put on. I think I’ve always tried to maintain a certain sense of humour in everything that I do, whether it’s visual art or anything else, just because I think it’s something that you can share. We were talking about a common place, humour essentially becomes a common place that we can all kind of meet and share a laugh, or share a point of view. I’ve always enjoyed word play, puns, visual puns, so I’ve tried to enhance that in my work, but at the same time, I’m trying to go for a sophisticated turn of humour. I think there’s a lot of things that make me laugh, but I think if, if I can make you laugh by thinking first, then I’ve managed to meet the challenge. I think humour can be poignant, and I think humour can be subtle. You know, there’s many layers that humour kind of reveals itself.

Duration: 1:56 min
Size: 3198kb

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