Jefferson Little - On Dream Machine

With the Dream Machine in particular, I wanted to create a fantasy machine, something that doesn’t exist except in our imaginations. And I wanted to create something that you could control your dreams, you can control your passions, I guess, for that matter. But at the same time it kind of features a large kind of pull lever, kind of drawing from slot machines and casinos and I guess casino technology. So that kinda slant came into it a bit too, into the design because dreams are in a lot of ways, a bit of a gamble. But we don’t hesitate to plug the dream machine with money and pull the lever just to see what kinda comes up. And so that’s why those little dials at the bottom read like they’ve ended up setting on dream, that’s what it spells out at the bottom. It’s kind of a hybrid of pop surrealism. I do definitely take pop icons, symbolism, and I throw that into the mix, and put it into the work and into the design.

Duration: 1:43 min
Size: 2894kb

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