Jefferson Little - On Being an Artist in Saskatchewan

With Saskatchewan artists and Saskatchewan work, I find that certainly in terms of the artworks, and the artists that work out of Regina, there’s a certain amount of regionalism that goes along with Saskatchewan artwork something that promotes Saskatchewan-ness; the landscape, the topography, the history, influences a lot of Saskatchewan artists, and it’s something that I’m aware of, that I’m trying to bring to the front of my work more and more, is the landscape that surrounds Regina. The flatness, some people see it as an absence, but I see it as a presence. The work that I do, the longer compositions certainly reflect the landscape in a lot of ways, intentionally, because living in Saskatchewan, we’re, in the winter months, a good five to six months out of the year, there’s a lot of darkness, and so what comes out of the darkness is something that I want to illuminate or set against that illumination. So, certainly, being an artist in Saskatchewan, I feel very influenced by, the landscape, by the territory that we inhabit.

Duration: 1:55 min
Size: 3132kb

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