Jeff Nachtigall - Using Words

I love text in my work. It’s something that has really developed in the last five years, and even more so in the last three years. Where…I love poets, I love poetry, I love language, I love the way that words come off of your tongue or the roof of your mouth. I just love words. I love the meanings that words have. But more importantly, I love the baggage that that these words have and I love that you can use this word in a visual manner and it’s bringing something else to the painting. When I put a word or when I put text into a work, it comes about in the exact same way that any image would. It just sort of manifests itself. You talk about being an action painter – I think I’m a reaction painter. Using the old Jasper Johns methodology of I do something, I do something else to it, do something else to is, do something else to it – that’s how I paint. I’m not thinking about art, which I think is a Basquiat line. Not to steal from all of these guys, but if you’re not a good thief, what are you? You shouldn’t be in the art business anyway. Take from absolutely everywhere. So sometimes it starts with text, sometimes it starts with these words that are rattling around in in my head, and sometimes there is that intentional relationship between the content, the image and the words that are being placed in there, and sometimes there are not. But by juxtaposing shape and colour and image and positive and negative space, that juxtaposition creates a relationship. And I’m interested in what relationship is created.

Duration: 2:03 min
Size: 9586kb

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