Jeff Nachtigall - Displaying His Work

The point of Excerpts being in these 75 panels was practical for many reasons. I was doing it in my basement so I can’t really do a large painting and get it out of there, but practical [also] for shipping, storage and transport. But was interesting to me was to see how the curator would take what I’ve given them and how they could change it. I mean more so…this way they are in charge of the installation. Really it’s about getting a curator to earn their keep, because I don’t know what these guys do. Having curated now I know; now I understand. But at the time it was really wanting to get the curator engaged and interested and sort of help construct this non-linear narrative that I have already produced and created. So now it’s getting somebody to take it to that next level and have them do it as well. Change it up so that I can come in and be surprised. Because if it’s going to be hitting all these different venues, because I think it’s seven different venues over a period of time, a very successful touring show, and it was…I didn’t want to see the same thing over and over and over, and give the same talk. This way other pieces could stand out. And giving the curator that creative accountability I think was exciting too because if it looked horrible, I could just blame the curator. Wasn’t my fault. At the other place it looked great!

Duration: 1:39 min
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