Jeff Nachtigall - Creating a Painting

This painting has just barely begun, because what happens next is obviously this (pointing at the white paint he has just placed on the canvas) has to dry and then I am going to bring in the darker colours and blowing this away. So at this point right now it’s not essential that I am incredibly happy with this shape, because I am not happy with what is happening here, I am happy with what is happening here on the outside. So what has to happen is another shape has to come in and overlap to get rid of this. This is sort of…picture it like a set of a theater where you’ve got these layers of things that are happening in front of each other to create that illusion of depth, because what is going to end up happening is [that] there will be something dark on top of that, and then something light again and it just sort of keeps building forwards. Because it’s important in a painting not only to have your eye going from left to right and up and down, but to have your eye going in and out. I like creating the feeling of depth in a painting through very flat imagery, so even though you are working with and almost sort of a cartoon sort of mentality of image making by layering all of that and forcing the eye to go in and out as opposed to just around and left and right. That’s when a painting gets interesting is when your eye is fooled into what is figure and what is ground, what is positive space and what is negative space. So in one instance it’s the figure and in the next it’s ground, and that’s just from a colour standpoint. But that’s how you get your eye to move.

Duration: 2:14 min
Size: 9586kb

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