Jeff Nachtigall - Conversations with Myself

Excerpts from Conversations with Myself was taken from a very…when I’m in the studio, it’s a very solitary place. I’m there by myself with my thoughts. And as I’m painting, I always had this…I don’t know if it’s a good habit or a bad habit or a quirk, but I always feel like I’m watching all of this in the third person. And so to…I would literally have these discussions out loud as if I were being interviewed by Oprah or something like that, just so that I’m able to literally have this conversation and understand the process that I’m so deeply involved in, because when I make art, I’m in the zone. It’s this space where…I’m in this head space that I cannot get out of. It’s not something that…I mean with practice, you can turn it off and on; it’s much like meditation. You enter this space where things are happening, where there’s a connection with everything that’s rambling around in the uncleaned corners of my grey matter. And that is able to come out. So for that body of work, what was really important for me to be able to do, is I wanted to do something large. I wanted it to be big; I wanted it to be epic in scale. It was my first museum show in Regina; I’d just moved back from Calgary, so I definitely wanted to make something big. And all told I think I did 75 pieces. But the main panel, I believe, was five by ten…no, no, sorry, ten by twenty…no, five by ten. So each two feet by two feet. And the whole idea was to just let these ideas flow.

Duration: 2:12 min
Size: 9777kb

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