Jeff Nachtigall - Becoming a Painter

I think I was probably seven years old and Star Wars came out. I went and watched that film in small town Alberta (Barhead, Alberta) and it was such an incredible visual experience for me that after that I came home and I drew every single scene for my mom. And I think at that moment I knew how important it was that as a tool, that art was a form of visual communication and how important visual communication could be in telling that story. I went to art school in Regina at the University of Regina and it was sort of a love-hate relationship because it was easy…it was quick. I had just left the navy [and] home was Regina, so it was quick and easy…let’s figure out what I was going to do. I didn’t even think I was going to art school at all. I liked marine biology because I liked scuba-diving and skin-diving in the water, but I was terrible at science so the biology side kind of fell. And then I thought architecture because I like to draw but I am horrible at math. Actually I was thinking about law because well at least with law, you know, I am a pretty good arguer, but then again it’s too much school. So I sort of fell into it, and then fell into this rich history of what had been happening in Regina from an art standpoint, from an art historical standpoint. I’ve never considered myself a regionalist. I don’t have a problem with regionalists or artists who prefer to be working in a regionalist manner but I just always thought that…I didn’t see it as being universal. I don’t have to make work. I don’t have to stand at a pulpit. My dad’s a preacher - that’s his job. I don’t have to preach and say this is exactly who I am and what I am and make my art just about that. I don’t have to paint grain elevators

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