Jack Sures - Teaching and Awards

1963 I returned from…I had been living in London and set up a pottery [studio] in Winnipeg. And I was doing pottery there and I got invited to a workshop in Weyburn by the Saskatchewan Arts Board. It was having a workshop and I met all these people from Regina…they had a club here at the University. With Marilyn Levine, Pat Wiens and a few other people, and they were instrumental in talking the University into setting up a ceramics program which they did in 1965. And they invited me to come and set up the program. I have taught for 33 years, right…I can’t remember the years, but I got an alumni award for excellence in teaching and alumni award for excellence in research. In 1989 I did a mural for the Museum of Civilization, and it’s made out of all these tubes that go all over the place and it’s 60 meters long and four meters high. I had a few pieces left over which I turned into a kind of a wall piece, twelve feet by four feet approximately. I sent it to this competition called Mino 89 and I won the grand prize which was three million yen cash and one million yen which was to give me a trip around Japan just so they would get me to the presentation. So they paid me cash on the stage on the Saturday, [and] I had to carry these three million yen around all weekend in my pocket because no banks were open. And then subsequent to that in 1991 I got the Order of Canada and I guess one of the reasons was for my teaching, and all the people that were producing, and plus the fact that I had won this international award [for being] the best of 52 countries.

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