Jack Sures - Japanese Influence and the Organic Nature of Clay

In ceramics I was influenced…I went I had a Canada Council [grant], and I was in Japan in 1966. And their philosophy of…it’s not just yin-yang but very finished but unfinished parts, hard/soft combination of…it’s actually…the concept of yin yang is a big influence on my work. I’ll do a very kind of precise form and then manipulate it somewhat so that you know the preciseness is not there but it’s still there. And the same thing with the surface put on a very kind of spontaneous, or what I think is spontaneous decoration on a very kind of traditional classical ceramic form. If you think of life forces…if you think of growth in all forms like the making of babies, the voluptuousness of a delicious apple. These are organic qualities, and clay, being a product of the earth, is organic and has a life of its own. But you can also with your own kind of feelings for organic qualities, you can develop them within the materials you are using. How do you make a sexy pot right? It’s organic and making it voluptuous and sexy – it’s like a beautiful woman is voluptuous. You can make pot that is like a beautiful woman, right, voluptuous.

Duration: 2:19 min
Size: 10144kb

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