Jack Sures - How I Got Started in Ceramics

When I was at graduate school I did painting and printmaking. And I took one class in ceramics, which is kind of interesting, it’s kind of an aside. But in the one class the professor came in at the beginning of the year he said “this is how you center clay…put a hole in it and you make a cylinder and anything you make always starts with a cylinder.” And then he came back halfway through the class you know, I guess four and a half weeks later and said "These are engobes - they are clay mixed with colorant, and you put it on your clay when it’s leather hard or wet. And then you put a clear glaze or a mat glaze over it so that the oxides bleed through." And [he] said "You know make your stuff and decorate it this way." And then he came back at the end of the semester and marked us and that was my training in ceramics. I was basically self-taught.

Duration: 1:12 min
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