Jack Sures - Making Good Art

In the back of my mind is always the fact that I have to make a living, or did in the past, and so I had to make stuff that was reasonably saleable. But when I made a piece, it was always with the idea that I am going to make this form as personal and interesting and expressive of me as possible. Because you can’t get away from the fact that art is, you know…if you make good art it has to be at least recognizable to a public otherwise it’s useless. It has to be wanted visually by people or spiritually. I do a variety of things and what you see here now is not my complete production. I do a lot of sculptural work as well as…but usually it’s kind of wall sculpture. I have a big mural in Saskatoon on this Sturdy Stone building that is more sculptural in one sense. But that’s one of my problems. I have been nominated for the Saidye Bronfman award maybe six times, and I never get it because they say that my work is too diverse. I don’t have a kind of one image. And for me that is my idea of a good artist - someone who makes art because they have something to say and not just because they have an image. Like some artists have a particular image and all you see is the same thing repeated over and over again and to me that’s making craft.

Duration: 2:30 min
Size: 11211kb

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