Iris Hauser - Dancing with Hell Hounds

You know Dancing with Hell Hounds is part of this whole process of trying to look almost as a healer or a psychologist or something like that, a part of that process of healing, because it is a painting in a series of paintings I’ve done of my brother. And he is bipolar. He has manic energy periods and a lot of depression. He’s been suicidal. I think he’s also been dangerous at times, psychologically unbalanced. But fundamentally he’s just a very sensitive human being and I think making the paintings to some extent were a way of connecting, to show him I was listening. And so what I did was I had him as this character and it basically was a suit that he had gotten from a very old man; it had been his wedding suit and so it had this kind of timeless…a tuxedo with a kind of a timeless quality to it. And so I just cast him as character. As a kind of an every-man standing for problems in society - alienation disconnection from roots and what not. And everything emotional in it was true and it came from his life and from the darkness within him but it was portrayed as this other character; it gave it some distance. So I certainly talked about it with my brother. He knew what I was painting and what the ideas were, but there was that sense that he was playing a role and he was very comfortable with that. So the actual costume in Dancing with Hell Hounds was his morris dancing costume from when he was starting actually to get well. He’s trying out things that sort of appeal to him so he tried morris dancing and he joined a choir and he began an akido practice. And the morris dancing he’s left now, he’s not doing that anymore, but the other two he’s still doing. He sings and he’s starting to write his own music which I think is very healing, and he’s a second degree black belt in akido now. So he’s gained a lot. He’s got this discipline and I think learned slowly to be able to feel joy in life through kind of working at it.

Duration: 2:32 min
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