Holly Fay - Why She Called it Cycles

I’ve used the name Cycle for a number of different works, so it kind of reoccurs in different bodies of work.  I like the associations with the word.  So there is that association with time.  There’s also the association with nature - so it’s got cyclical associations with nature.  So the two of those together kind of worked for this in terms of looking out in these fields, so there would be a very cyclical aspect to growing the crops again and again.  Also the fact that I had visited Amsterdam in the Netherlands before.  So there’s kind of this layering of association.  And just cycle in terms of your own life and the associations.  So all these kind of layering of associations in time, the body and nature together.  Some of the associations that I have, it’s hard for me to explain them straight out because they’re linked to many different things and I kind of like them being a little bit…that they’re not absolutely clear to me sometimes.

Duration: 1:43 min
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