Holly Fay - The Use of Colour in Cycles

The colours kind of came from my memory, of things that stuck in my head. But of course it’s filtered, and has to do with that lived bodily experience of a place. So I chose the colours to represent nature, but I also…as a painter, colour is very important and you understand the seduction of colour, so there are these large canvases that had this glossy paint on it, so I used colour to kind of draw the viewer in. Again, it’s not representational colour, it’s colour that left an impression on me. It’s colour that I wanted to suggest an association in people’s minds, so when the viewer looks at it, there is this association that happens. And it really has nothing to do with the place that I’ve been. What I am hoping is that it takes the viewer to a place that they’ve been so they create their own associations with it.

Duration: 1:19 min
Size: 5163kb

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