Holly Fay - Suggestion of Landscape in Cycles

Cycle is a painting from the Translating Place body of work. There’s two panels. One’s mostly green, the other’s mostly yellows. So again, that particular piece came from traveling in the Netherlands and being on a train, and looking out the train window and going on this journey with all this kind of stuff in my head that I had been thinking about in terms of painting and art history and the landscape and representing the landscape and what does that mean to try and put that window on the landscapes. So I’m looking out the window and these fields of tulips going by. And the landscape is very much like the landscape around Saskatchewan in some areas, you know, flat, except for that there are these fields of tulips rather than fields of wheat or canola. The greens and the yellows kind of come from the landscape - what I was seeing - but aren’t representational of it. They are a little more subjective. And the panels came about for a number of reasons. Often I use the diptych format. The two panels…I’ve got one placed on top of the other. So, they’re hung horizontally one on top of the other. Horizontal again to sort of suggest landscape. And the two panels to kind of suggest that there could be two different associations. When I first showed that work people really wanted to know the stories behind each one, but it’s not like a travelogue. They are not little postcards from the places. So what the starting point was, is really different from the meaning in the work, so I don’t even like to talk too much about the stories behind what influences [a] particular work and where was I and what place is this about, because it’s really not the meaning of the work.

Duration: 2:34 min
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