Holly Fay - Artist Influences

There is kind of aspects in the paintings that you can say, oh this kind of looks like Turner; this kind of looks like Rothko; this kind of looks like Monet. I don’t deny any of that…it’s part of that history of art making. But I am not trying to look like any particular artist. Really it goes back to the work and what I am trying to say, so the idea comes first and then I kind of find the marks and the colours and the manipulation of paint that is going to work towards that idea. Some of the art that I have done is very abstract looking - it looks like modernist or formalist painting. The approach to what I am doing is very different though. It has been suggested that my paintings look like colourfield paintings. I wouldn’t place them there at all. Colour is really important to them, and in some of the bodies of work the idea of the flat picture plain is important as well. And so I am trying to create depth in that through colour, through the use of paint. But I wouldn’t place myself as an abstract painter. I certainly use abstract elements in the work, [but] I wouldn’t place myself as a colourfield painter.

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