Grant McConnell - Influences for Art
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People like Velasquez, Goya, Daumier, many of the artists [who] are a part of, for lack of a better term, the canon, I think are very important for artists and for me personally.  I do go back and scour around in time.  I find my colleagues very often are, long departed colleagues, I guess I should say.  The 20th century was a good century.  It was a little overrated and to go back from the 19th century and prior through the Renaissance and into history, I think this is more and more of what I find really very rewarding.  I call my self loosely…I’m probably the most 19th century painter I know in that I go back and I visit a number of different genres and art making…I do sort of historical painting, landscape element, still-life and other, and this is again where I find my community basis.  Yes, living and contemporary artists here in town and in the country, but also the artists that were just referred to, in particular Velasquez, a painter that anyone has something to gain from, and any artist of any discipline.  The wonder to be found in the great works very often will never disappoint.  It’s a place of resolve you can return to time and time again to find things out about yourself as a working artist as well.

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