Frances Robson - Why She Started Photographing Groups of Women

We had a fire. The house burnt down in 1982 or ‘3 and then the community got together and helped build another home for us…like, the work crew in the park, they donated enough money to me to buy a really nice camera to keep going with my photography. So people have been very generous. And another thing I was given…my mother had died in 1977 and then when the house burnt down everything that I ever had that would remind me of her was gone, like everythings burnt up. But the women of the community got together and they gave me this quilt and I can recognize bits of fabric from clothing or curtains or bed sheets or dresses that they would wear and that was really special to me at that time…that connection to those women and what women do. Especially after my mother died, I really missed that feminine presence in my life and I kind of sought it out in other places. When I was in Chicago, I started photographing groups of older women and what they did together like a women’s friendship group that would get together. And they would just chat and have lunch together and they would give each other massages like one person giving a massage to this person and the next person to the one in front of them like kind of line up and exercising together.

I also photographed a lot of the women’s groups at Loon Lake, including groups that my mother had been a part of.

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