Frances Robson - Searching for Identity

I took several courses in feminist writings when I was in Ottawa. It was in French. And [I] have always been interested in sort of looking through society through that lens. But it’s also just kind of a natural curiosity and a kind of a missing of that feminine culture. After my mother died I would go back to the park and I would work on a crew of a dozen men, and I’d be the only woman. I’d go home and my dad would be there on the farm, plus some turkeys and chickens and dogs and cats, but there would be long periods of time I would go without having any conversation with another woman. And that was very different from the closeness I had with my mother when I grew up and I knew that that was really important to me. And so the photographing was sort of a way of showing that that mattered to me. That connection between women was important.

Duration: 1:25 min
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