Frances Robson - Saskatoon Quilt Guild- Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1987

I did about 25 different women’s groups from Saskatoon and I wanted to choose a diversity of groups so the quilt guild was one of them. And I mainly found the groups through looking…at the library they have a directory of community associations and groups and I kind of looked through there and shopped for groups I’d like. And then I’d send them a letter and explain my project and what I’d like from them, and they’d get a picture back in exchange for their time. Then I’d go out and photograph and meet them and spend some time. Photographing wouldn’t actually take that long, maybe at the most 20 minutes. People would sort of be sitting where they would actually sit…it’s documentary, so I am not going to totally rearrange things, but I would have to have them sit there and stay there, and usually about four or five different photographs could usually get everybody in. So I would have the camera on a tripod and I’d start over here, photograph that group, and then this portion and that portion and that portion and that portion. And then I’d have it. So I’d have to have sort of their sustained attention, or of the particular people that are in that image, I would have to have their cooperation because I would usually do the picture with them actually looking at the camera. I When I was in Ottawa I spent a lot of time at the public archives looking at old group photos, like say a logging company and they have everybody out there with their wagons and horses, but everybody in the company is there and they are all posed and they are all looking at the camera. And I kind of like that stillness and formality sort of marking a special occasion rather than kind of just a candid picture where people sort of stood still and this is for history and here we are.

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