Frances Robson - How She Became Interested in Photography- Taking Photos of Groups of People

I grew up in Saskatchewan. We moved to various small towns ‘til I was 10 years old, and then we settled at Loon lake Saskatchewan on my mother's parents’ homestead. And that’s where I started doing some photography for the yearbook. I had a teacher (Derek Puncheon) who taught me how to develop film and I took pictures and he helped pay to send me on a trip to Fort San to take a workshop with Sandra Semchuk and James Lisitza.

And that got me really interested in photography. I especially hit it off with Sandra Semchuk. And that time it would be 1975. Black and white 8 by 10 documentary photographs were big in terms of what was in in photography and photographing one’s own community, and that really fit for me.

And from there I went on to do some studies at the University of Saskatchewan, and photography was one of the classes I took in an English degree. I took classes from Hans Dommasch. After that I went to the University of Ottawa and then I did a Master of Fine Arts degree at the school of the Art Institute of Chicago. But every summer I would go back to Loon Lake so that connection was still very strong. And I worked in the park there, and a couple of summers I did photographs of different groups of people who did things, mainly women’s groups but also sort of recreational activities and pictures of my family, so kind of a picture of my life.

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