Doug Bentham - The Qualities of Steel

Steel itself has a kind of a light-absorbing quality which is ok. It creates an object which is quiet and has a certain contemplative of nature. Brass and bronze for instance, which I discovered about 20 years ago, has a quality of, when you cut into it or burnish it, that light emits from it, so now you have a surface which the sculpture gives light back to you. And then stainless steel, which I have been exploiting a lot in the last couple years, is again another quality where it takes in the qualities of the light around it and it takes on these different qualities at different times of the day and seasons. So each material has specific qualities that I find condusive to a certain form…type of form, or certain container that I am creating for the work in that particular series.

Duration: 1:15 min
Size: 5526kb

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