Doug Bentham - Skywalker

Skywalker was a breakthrough series in a sense that they were very personal. I wanted them to be something that you could embrace in your own scale, that you could reach across about slightly higher or a bit above your own height. And they were very much about raising up and having some sort of sense of lift and some sort of unfinished almost eternal lift that you couldn’t go on forever, but you wanted the sense that it could keep moving and keep expanding. When you think now some of the Aboriginal phrasings that you hear and you hear the use of words like skywalker and such, that it has…they were very much about that, they were about creating a very much of a spiritual aura around them. You would look at them as having this otherness to them, not something that you would immediately embrace as looking like something but it very directly becomes a metaphor for a much larger issue or world, I guess you might call it.

Duration: 1:33 min
Size: 6231kb

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