Doug Bentham - My Work is a Collage

Because I‘m collaging which seems very simplistic too, but a viewer or listener should understand that as opposed to modeling or carving, that constructivist sculpture, or collaging as we call it, is basically putting things together, things have to be adhered in some way and it’s a form of drawing. Drawing was defined as a connection between the hand and the mind and the heart. And these things have to coalesce so that it kind of flows out of you and into your hands. So what you are doing when you start off is, it might be a bit of something, an arrangement that you see on the floor or something in the scrap pile that tells you "here is a start" so those two elements can go together and a third can respond to that. And before you know it you have created this kind of a conversation of shapes. And then I always look for what I call the passage and that is sort of the pathway which takes you into the work, it says this is what I want to be because it is always something new to the world. This is what I always find myself…when people always ask myself that age old question “what is it?”, and you kind of sense that they want to see something in it because it’s abstract and it’s physical and occupying their space. My answer is, "Well it’s a sculpture; it’s new to the world." And when you get back to putting these first elements together you want that…you want something to come out of it that’s internal that becomes the heart or pulse of the piece and then you go from there.

Duration: 1:53 min
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