Doug Bentham - I'm on a Beauty Quest

I have some missions in my life to…I am on a beauty quest I call it, where I want to provoke...I have an old saying “Beauty is the language to which we have no key” and it allows you to create objects, especially abstract objects, which the viewer will look at and say “I don’t know what I am looking at here, but it’s affecting me in some way” and those are things that beauty often does. We often take it for granted a great sunset or something that is really beautiful or a pretty flower. But nature also has its sort of vulgar side which provokes us to think about our own existence and such. So I have got a lot of things that are in and around beauty and mortality and vulnerability and obviously spirituality in a very large sense to create works that have a kind of an uplifting quality to them…that transform the material and become spirited objects or spiritual objects.

Duration: 1:18 min
Size: 5568kb

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