Donna Kriekle - On the Relationship Between Art and Play

The relationship between art and play I think is integral to every artist’s work. I don’t know how other artists start, but I start with play. I teach in the same way. I throw out 35 watercolour techniques and say muck around, and see which ones you like. Because it’s a process of doing something. It’s not the end result which is the most important to me, it’s the process of doing it, the engagement with the creative act. And my students will say, "How do you get ideas?" Well, you start with one or two and they keep compounding. So, creative means play to me, learning something, growing with it, it takes you in directions that you would not normally find. And even though I’m a, sometimes, highly realistic watercolour painter, within that realism, I definitely always find playgrounds within the ways that the colours mingle. Even if I had planned one thing, another thing may ensue, which means I have to use my creative abilities to switch gears. So, it’s my mediums - I think all creative mediums can challenge you, and I think that’s one of the reasons, I know it’s one of the reasons that I have become an artist and continue to be one. It’s very gratifying to have work that asks of you, that demands of you, that sometimes you’re courageous. You have to try something that you haven’t tried before. And the more you play, the more you get used to doing it, and the more ideas you get, the more ideas you get.

Duration: 1:52 min
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