Donna Kriekle - On Her Sky Series

The sky story is endless. It’s an endless sky. The sky story about time, they’re about a moment, because every one shifts. They’re about atmosphere, they’re about air, they’re about clarity, they’re about fresh air, they’re about vitality. They’re usually not stormy. I have some small stormy skies because I too have gone through my stormy periods in life. I’m interested again in skies in a number of ways. Maybe this is the large colourfield painter coming out in me because I’ve done paintings that are this size (uses fingers/hands to show something about six inches in size) they’re the warm-ups - play around with every subject, warming up, messing around. And then they get to be this size, this size (uses fingers/hands to show something progressively getting larger), and the largest ones I’ve done are about four feet by six feet. And they’re a study in colour, they’re a study in atmosphere, they’re a study in brushwork. And, I don’t know what else, because I've probably got about a hundred of them around the house that I get to play in or I get to fly in, as it were. I love to fly, I’m an air sign, I skate – it’s like flying. So it’s very personal, the skies are very personal to me. They also remind me of those who have departed. I do a lot of portraits of my family, and primarily only of my family. And they’re very realistic portraits because I want to conjure them up, and when I get to a certain point, I feel like they’re with me. So my father, who has been gone for 20 years, becomes very real to me, and any time I want to touch him, I can put another brushstroke there, so I drag the portraits out for years and decades because they’re like a family gathering.

Duration: 2:01 min
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