Don Chester - Every Potter Should Know How to Draw

People think that drawing is not involved in this, but drawing is involved in all art. I see potters and then somebody says "How do I get better?" And I say, "Take a drawing class." And they say, "Oh I can’t draw." And I said "Well if you can’t draw, if you can’t see drawing, you can’t make the pots you’re making now. You know you have an ability - you have to have that ability," and they say "Oh no, no, no. I can’t draw. I’d never draw anything." But it’s true. If you take a drawing class or you take a painting class you get better even though it has nothing to do with clay. You get better at it because it gives you a different perspective. Painting teaches you about colour, and drawing, of course, teaches you about line. You need that line (gestures with his hand) - you know a lot of people wouldn’t put that line on. Why? Well I’m going to say sometimes it’s the right thing to do…you put this line on it and it controls the shape a little bit. And again because I tear things. I think one of them I made (gestures), the original one had no piece on it like that. But now of course I’d always do that. I would automatically do that because it just doesn’t stop and cut off and have a line that goes down to the tabletop. Now you sweep up and it takes you softly around and back around to the bottom and then back up the other side and around. So it leads the eye around.

Duration: 1:45 min
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