Don Chester - Craft Redefined

I think maybe what I am doing fits into an area that ceramics has gotten into in which it is more art that it is craft. And I know crafts people dislike this very much. People who do craft are very sensitive to what is art and what is craft, and people who think of themselves as crafts people don’t want to have anything to do with people who call themselves artists because they think that somehow [it] is not pure craft or you’re not doing it right. And from my perspective having gone to art school and having been a painter and then going to this place, it’s all the same. The only thing that’s different, perhaps, is in the end function of it. And the end function of what I do is decorative and in that sense it’s the same as painting or drawing or anything else. It’s three-dimensional therefore it borrows from sculpture. And I know piles of clay guys including people who are functional potters who will go off and make some kind of sculpture, quote sculpture. But when they do they don’t pay any attention to what has gone on before in terms of sculpture. So they make something which they think is a really nice piece of sculpture and they put it out and people who know sculpture say, "Well, that’s not sculpture that’s just a lump of clay. That doesn’t look like anything what’s it supposed to be?" "Well it’s sculpture… ok…" The trend today is, one time if you saw pottery in a gallery in a museum in New York or here or anywhere else it would have to be old, it would have to be Greek or it would have to be pre-Columbian. You wouldn’t see contemporary art. But now just about every gallery in Canada I don’t know how true this is but certainly several of them have contemporary ceramic collections and they make a point of calling it contemporary ceramic collections.

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