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My father was very involved in art organizations period  I’m not sure in the long run whether he felt that is was…how much of it really came to fruition, considering all the effort.  But I think he believed that even though he came from Europe, that it was important that we not…that here particularly, we don’t just see European art and that’s the only real art of the world, and felt that it was important for local artists to be seen and to meet each other across the country, to make it more possible for artists to have galleries to show in and to exchange ideas and find what kind of opportunities that there might be for them to…and obviously the Arts Board ended up satisfying that to some extent, where you could get grants and be able to just paint for a year without having to have other employment.  Well back in those days, they used to take paintings to the rural communities and show paintings in barns and stuff,  and bring people to come and look at the art and talk about the art.  It was really a very grass-roots stuff that they did.  They were quite tireless in doing that, in wanting to involve the rural community, not just in the cities.  He also believed that the art program in high schools should lead into what they would do in university, and that they should try to have that kind of seamless connection.  And the university didn’t agree with that.  They wanted it that way they wanted it, which was a different model, an Edinburgh model, or whatever it was.  So I think he maybe felt often discouraged.  But in the end it’s good that they all did what they did, and of course they were a much smaller group in those days and you could organize people.  They were dedicated.

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