Ernest Lindner - Degen Lindner - Lindner was in Love with Nature

To grow up with a father who was so in love with nature, I think was…I feel terribly lucky that that was true.  I mean, it’s made me a bit fierce about the environment, in general, and has obviously inspired my painting because I love the interior of the forest, or the skies, in particular our prairie skies and up north as well.  And my father always told me fairy tales when I was going to sleep, and I always connected that to the forest somehow in a way, not in a way of believing in fairies in the forest, but a kind of magic, kind of a magical world, and a world to be always respected and to be quiet in.  It was always hard for him to get me to be quiet because we would go to the meadow to see the deer, would be feeding there, he would always say Degan you mustn’t talk.  It was very hard not to talk.  But yes, I’m eternally grateful to him for having had that opportunity to grow up with him and in that world out there.  My father didn’t like talking too much about his own work because he didn’t want to become self-conscious about it.  And he also said that when he painted that one of the most wonderful things about it was getting lost, like in a dream and you’re gone.  It’s not a verbal thing.  And I think I feel the same way, and I think there’s so much talk these days around art and so many explanations of why something is meaningful, is verbal, when frankly then why not write or be a critic or whatever.  But the work should, I really do believe, and I know this sounds very old-fashioned, should stand for itself and there shouldn’t have to be a long explanation of what it is.

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