Ernest Lindner - Degen Lindner - High School Art Teacher

My father taught for about 32 years in a high school in the Tech here, which was quite a tough school.  And he very much enjoyed his students.  And I think…finally when he was very old, he said he thought maybe his teaching was more important than his painting really.  And he would say that there would always be maybe three or four students in the class who really were interested and passionate and not just taking it for an easy credit.  And those were the ones that he would really spend as much time as he could, and keep the other ones busy.  As far as I understand he was the first art teacher in the province [to teach art] as a credit course that was part of the curriculum.  And originally he was in the basement in some sort of a broom closet or something, and eventually he actually got a room on the first floor or the second floor.  But he liked teaching very much.  He liked his students and he was a very patient man…yes, he was immensely patient.

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