Ken Lochhead - Interview with Kate Davis - Ken Lochhead and the Regina Five

One of the things that the Regina Five really helped us to focus on was the different ways of making art.  They were living at a time in Canada where abstract painting in New York was the big thing. This was non-representational art.  These were artists who were using colour and form and shape and scale…the actual size of the work to create very dynamic very beautiful paintings, but nothing other than the material itself.  So their content was the colour, their content wasn’t colour that represented a landscape, the content of the painting was the colour itself.  And this was very important to Canadian art because Canadian art is very rooted in representational;  it is very rooted in the landscape. So the Regina Five was a perfect example of artists who were looking at what does abstraction mean to us and Ken Lochhead in particular did some very beautiful abstract paintings. What is interesting is that he kept pushing that, pushing that and pushing that, his canvases got larger and larger and more and more abstract and the colour even got more and more abstract.  In fact he stopped using brushes and he started using a sprayer so that the act itself, the gesture itself of spraying this colour, almost became like spraying light onto a surfaced canvas, so they are very beautiful paintings. Then what is very interesting to me as well is later on in his life he was able to go back to the landscape, and when he died his work was all about the land again. He had taken all that he had learned about colour and form and shape and scale and applied it all the way back onto the Canadian landscape again, and a very intimate landscape because he started to paint the forest outside of his studio.  And so he went…this is not unusual for a Canadian painter to want some reason to get back to the land because the land is so important to us as Canadians.

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