David Thauberger - Using a Camera as a Sketching Tool & Using Tape to Mask an Image

Having a camera in the back seat of the car when we’re driving around somewhere works really well for me. I use the camera as a sketching tool, right, so we’ll go through the towns on the highway and stop or drive down main street or drive around if something…drive by something that appeals or strikes my fancy to take a photograph that might be a painting. Then I take photographs. The thing about photographs is there is not just one. Photographs are very flexible because when you take a slide and when you project a slide, first of all you enlarge it from a small photograph, and secondly you can do anything with it. You can flip it, you can make it upside down, you can just take details from it. You know you’re not, I’m not welded to the photograph right? The photograph, the drawing from the photograph is just the starting point. I think artists have always used photographs or some version of photographs for as long as there has been cameras or some version of cameras. The old Masters…Vermeer is accused of having used a photograph or is said to have used a camera obscura. There were all kinds of devices throughout the history of art that artists have tried to simulate the effect of a camera. They even had a thing in the 17th century, or maybe even earlier, where it would be like a vice that they would lock their head into so that they wouldn’t move when they were making a drawing before the scene in the motif that they were drawing so that their point of view would never change. They would lock their head into a vice, into a mechanism and the other thing with these, this one not so much. But often these paintings are made up from various parts from various images, so I might take the building from one landscape from another, you know, the buildings surrounding from another…that kind of thing.

Duration: 2:18 min
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