David Thauberger - The Driving Rain

Some years ago I did a series of pictures, and I think we’re talking about the Driving Rain painting, is one of a series of paintings that I did where they were about places that were very famous places. So when I started making these travel, or these tourist images, the first pictures that I was making were pictures…I made some pictures of Yellowstone (old faithful) of Niagara Falls and so forth. A part of it was that these places were so famous that you could almost do anything and people would know what it was. I’ve never painted something like that before and I was a little self-conscious about my ability to actually render an actual place like that convincingly. These were all part of these kind of celebrity landscapes, but they were still the built landscape. But they had other kinds of associations also. And certainly the Driving Rain painting, the figures on Easter Island, was one of the series of that – one of that whole cycle of paintings. The weather is a good excuse for making a painting too. It’s a good subject for a painting. So that’s also layered on top of all of that tourist landscape and so forth. And that’s really what that was all about - it was to make those kind of figures looking there, looking out to the ocean with the sort of big goofy kind of look on their face and looking at these nails, this hard weather sort of driving right at them. And that was, again it was a tongue and cheek. It was sort of to bring some humour into it, and the whole thing. It’s the rain, but the nails I think driving gives you the sense that its really pinning those things to then. So that we live in a world where nature is really in peril. And it’s really in peril as a result of our doing, which is something that you know we live with and think about all the time.

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