Ernest Lindner - Dan Ring - On Lindner’s Saturday Nights

Well Ernie held his Saturday nights at his residence on 10th or 11th Street in Saskatoon.  He had a nice little three-story house and that’s where a group of artists would gather every Saturday night to talk and drink coffee or maybe have a few beer or whatever, and talk about art.  And it was a real focal point for informal discussion.  And so some of the younger artists would go there, such as Mashal Teitelbaum, but the core of the group were people like Wynona Mulcaster and L.G. Saunders and eventually people like Bill Perehudoff and Dorothy Knowles.  So it was a very important group of…where people could really just relax and informally discuss all of these aspects of art.  And Ernie had a wide background.  He was European, and as I mentioned he was studying certain kinds of philosophical things, and they would have discussions about those kinds of things.  The Saskatoon Art Centre…all of those artists were really, along with certain other artists in the city, were the ones that got the Saskatoon Art Centre going and volunteered at the Art Centre, had annual exhibitions.  They actually brought exhibitions in from other galleries, and thus providing exposure to art from other places in Canada, which I think was really really important because Saskatchewan was a lot more isolated then than it is now.

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